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March 25, 2011

Day 84 Who needs pants?

This morning the potty training for Ty continues.  Before I had him out of his PJ's, I had him out of the diaper and into a pair of underwear.  

Silly me I went to make some coffee before I got him dressed.  Yes I am one of those moms who lets my child run around in nothing but a shirt and underwear while potty training.  Seriously I don't need anymore laundry to do.....I have enough with the four males living in this house!

So off I go to make coffee and leave my child in underwear and a PJ top.  It is rather chilly this morning and I suspect I probably should light a fire in the woodstove. ( -23 last time I checked, but we do have gas heat so its not THAT bad)  I guess Ty must have been cold but instead of getting under a blanket or putting on pants (why would he do that? LOL) he grabbed his boots, a touque, and 2 different mitts and got himself dressed.   

I think we need to work on the whole what to wear thing.  This is not much of a fashion statement.


Tracy said...

The important things are covered! :)

Stacey Nicole said...

so cute!

Anne U said...

My girl does the same thing, she just has pants on most of the time :)

Flower Photography said...

He is so cute!! Thanks for joining my blog xx