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March 24, 2011

Day 83 Potty Training stinks!

So the kid turned three....... uh-oh.  What does that mean?  It means I have to to do the one thing about being a mother a HATE doing.  Potty Training.   

I think I would get an 'F' in this class if I were being graded.  You would think by the third boy I would have this figured out. Nope, not at all.  Yes I can usually get my kids do do #1 no problem , #2 on the other hand it escapes me on how to make this happen.  Same with night training, those moms who have their children completely trained including at night by the age of 2, I applaud them!   I am lucky if I can have my kids out of pull ups at night by 5!

So here we go with Ty, so far so good.  2 days in and we have gone through every pair of underwear we own in his size. We did make progress by the end of the day today.  So far only 2 messes and both were in the morning.  Of course daddy put him in a diaper to go to bed and he immediately pooped in it :(   

Okay so I suspect if you have kept reading this far you either A: are a member of my family or B:  Have your own children and know what I am going through.   The rest probably saw the picture and thought "I'm not going there"   Well this is after all my personal family blog as well as being a 365 project :) 

So to all those who don't fall into the A or B category and I lost you awhile ago I apologize.  For those who kept reading, I will apologize to you as well.  If Ty is anything like his older brothers this potty training thing may take awhile and you will get to hear all about it.  

So my picture of the day,  a stack of undies.  "My man" as Ty refers to some of them, at least any with spiderman on them.  This was much better than yesterday where the stack was replaced about 4 times!  One day at a time.........


Tracy said...

UH! Well, let's pray it will be over soon! :)

Flower Photography said...

Love the jocks shot!! I am going into this stage soon and hope it doesn't last long and everything "clicks" :-D

Sarah Halstead said...

Good luck. Dustyn is FINALLY potty trained. Yes he only turned 3 but he first went on the potty at 18 months. I have been struggling with it since then. He still wears diapers at nap and bed time. Not sure how to tackle that yet... ha ha.

Jaime said...

Aw...so understand. :( My first was a hard one to potty train. My second...I waited till the summer and let him run around in the backyard naked. It was a suggestion that someone gave me having known about my first. HE trained in 2wks...not sure if that helped or not. Hope it is still going well for you!