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March 03, 2011

Day 62 Snack time

So I had my picture all ready to go tonight.  I was sitting down to catch up on my blog which I have been putting off for a few days.   Grey's and Private Practice are a repeat tonight ( boo!)  so I took the time to pop a movie on for my youngest who was not ready for bed yet, and sit down at the computer.    My picture for the day is of Ty at playgroup this morning eating his snack.  BORING!

So then I am typing away I hear some noise in the kitchen.  Ty comes up to me and shows me his hands.....I thought it was blood!  Then he licked it,  turns out while I was sitting here working on my picture for the day he was getting into the fridge, getting out the jar of strawberry jam and helping himself.

I guess that's what I get for trying to do my blog before he goes to bed!


Tracy said...


Carla S said...

Boys will be boys!

And a hearty BOO with you on the repeats on ABC tonight!

Kristal said...

Oh my.... I wonder what your kitchen/fridge looked like.