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May 02, 2010

Day 122 Boys and their Toys

Today we went over to our friend Carrie and Sandy's house.  Bill and Sandy are great "collectors" as I like to politely put it.   Now they have taken to trading their "stuff"  

We grabbed the trailer and dropped off some baby things for the expecting couple since Ty doesn't use it anymore but also Bill threw some "stuff" in the trailer as well.  Instead of coming home with an empty trailer we came home with a riding lawn mower......if the trailer would have been bigger there would have been more stuff!

Now they are in the works for Bill's next days off to get more stuff....hopefully they finish poor Carrie's baby room at the same time instead of just playing.  The clock is ticking.....


The boys had lots of fun though.  I was getting some gray hairs and buying some helmets so they can actually go have some fun next time will be a plan. 

And Ty LOVED sitting on the four wheeler with Sandy

Evan was all set for some fun.

And last but not least....little Cali aka "bucket head"


trocarlady said...

oh god!! That is my Belly- it is huge! lol

Drea said...

I keep telling you....it's gonna get BIGGER! LOL