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April 02, 2010

Day 92 {Insert picture here}

The day started out great.....out of the house with the van packed by 8 am.  Dropped kids off at Bills mom and dads by 9 am and then on the road to Ottawa by 9:30   That should have been the worst part of the day.......

At 1:30 pm we hit North Bay, this should have been almost the halfway point of our trip.  We get to the first stop light and the van decides to act up.  We spent over and hour trying to maneuver the van through stop lights out of intersections because every time we slowed down, the engine was getting no fuel and wouldn't start.

Bill finally figures out that its the fuel filter which  any other day would not have been a problem since its a quick change that he could have easily done on the side of the road (thank goodness for a mechanical husband)  BUT it was Good Friday and everything was closed. 

At this point I was starting to panic which I always do when a vehicle breaks down with me in it and a small child.  Bill on the other hand was, as always, calm as can be.   He got the van going again and once its going was fine.  We turn around and head back 4 hours the other direction to get the fuel filter from a parts van at Bill's parents house.

On the way back we saw a moose about 4 feet off the road.  Please insert picture here since I could not convince Bill to slow the van down so I could get my camera out and take the picture.  It was 25 degrees and a beautiful day out and the ditches are full of swamp grass so the moose were out in abundance.  Shortly after that we saw another group of moose, this time 3 of them even closer to the road.  They are beautiful this time of year since they are not shedding yet. Once again, no slowing down for fear of never getting the van going again.

So at about 5 pm we pull back into the driveway after 8 hours + on the road. 

Bill changes the fuel filter  in less than a half hour, we have some dinner and then say our goodbyes to the kids......again.

And we are off, van is running great.  If only it hadn't have been a holiday we should have been pulling into our hotel  in Ottawa at that time and relaxing a bit before Bill went out  for a bachelor party.

We make it to North Bay with no problems and then an hour later just as it gets dark we pass 2 cars completely smashed up  and police cars already on scene.  No ambulances, so I assume we must have missed them or they were not needed (though I doubt that from the look of the cars)  We also saw the cause of the accident lying there,  insert another moose picture here,  this time not so pretty though.   Didn't get that picture either since I didn't think it was appropriate to take a picture of a dead moose on the side of a road with the police still on scene. 

So Bill slowed down quite a bit for the next jaunt of our trip till we were out of moose territory.  So at 2:30 am we finally pulled into the Hotel unloaded our stuff, handed the keys to our piece of crap van to the valet and went to our room. 

Ty had been sleeping since about 7:30 in the van and decided to wake up when we got there.  Apparently all the mirrors in our room were great interest at that time in the morning.  So at 3:30 we were finally all in bed. 

What a trip!  And what time did Ty decided to get up at the next morning?   8 am........it was a long day!