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April 13, 2010

Day 103 {he does math like his mom}

I came to the realization tonight that Xander has inherited something from me that I would have preferred NOT to pass on.  His math skills.

I am horrible at math.  I still don't know my multiplication tables,  I have to add and subtract with my fingers most of the time, and as a whole.....I stink at anything to do with numbers.

I was watching Xander do his homework tonight and he was doing all his addition and subtraction using his fingers.....like mother like son I guess.  Hopefully he will figure out eventually how to do it with out using his hands, unlike me. 


Jennifer said...

I especially love the second shot Drea! And don't worry I am the same as you - I was TERRIBLE at math in high school. Were you in the "you-know-who" Math Class in grade 12? I was pulling a 62 and going for help after school. She was pulling a 99 and going for help too. It was hard to get help because she was hogging all of the teacher's time after school. I was not impressed. Anyway, I got to college and did well at business math. I think most of the high school advanced math was useless as I have yet to run into a "bridge question" in my life. ;)

Andrea said...

WooHoo I think I may have fixed the comment problem!