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April 14, 2010

Day 104 Curious George

Ty has been watching the Curious George movie for almost a year now.  He LOVES it, it's one of the movies that he will sit down and watch from start to finish.   Both Xander and Dylan were the same way at that age and also watched it a lot.  Curious George 2 Follow that Monkey came out on video last month and yesterday i went and bought it for Ty.  We had not got him an Easter present since we had with us in Ottawa that weekend so that was my excuse...that and I was sick of watching the first one. 

This morning I put the movie on for him after he saw the case and started pointing to the TV saying "monkey"  Seriously who can no to that? 

So he sat all morning watching Curious George 2....I am sick of it all ready but he likes it :)

Thanks for looking :)