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March 16, 2010

Day 75 {Bike weather}

It has been great weather here all week.  At one point it went up to 10 degrees!  The snow is melting and the driveway is clear of snow. (except the giant snow pile where the plow piles it)   Xander took this a good reason to dig out his bike.....unfortunately for him his bike is still buried in the trailer which is still buried in snow :( He did find his old bike in the shed which has bald tires and is too small for him, but he is willing to take what he can get at this point.  

He has spent most of his week off school so far playing outside and most of the time playing in puddles and getting soaked.   Today I guess he got cold and came in to get his winter hat to wear under his bike helmet.  I personally would have chosen a different touque for him but I guess his face was cold as well!