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March 08, 2010

Day 67 {Is it spring yet?}

I am LOVING this weather we are having.  It's the beginning of March and usually it is way below freezing here and we have about 6 feet of snow at least with no more room in our driveway left to park because we have so much snow!   Not this year, it is above freezing the sun is shining and we only have about a foot of snow left in the yard ( not including the banks which are still quite high)   I had the windows open and the heat turned off and was feeling very springish today so when I was out at the grocery store I bought myself some nice spring flowers for the table :)  They really do help to get me in the spring mood.  I will be very upset when it freezes again and we get dumped on with snow....which Bill is sure will happen.  So until then I will take what I can get :)