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March 06, 2010

Day 65 {My baby is 2}

2 years ago today I went to the hospital for yet another NST test because the baby's heart rate kept dropping.  I was going in just to keep an eye on things and the doctor was planning to send me to Timmins the next day to be induced ( I was 36.5 weeks)  After an hour of sitting there with a starp attched to my belly to see if anything was going on the nurse informed me she needed to go find the doctor.  I was starting to panic a little at that point and then the doctor came in and told me to go to Timmins NOW and then I really started to worry.  He didnt' even want me to stop to get Xander at school and drop the boys off at Bills parents house.  So off I go to wake up bill who had just got off a night shift and away we went to Timmins.   Bill was exhausted and when we got to the hospital i found out that the doctor there wasn't going to see me until 4 O'Clock!  So then we had to sit there for 5 hours.......after rushing to get there.

So I was induced and by 10:20 that night out came Ty.  Bill had gone outside for a few minutes since the nurse assured him it was okay because I wasn't fully dilated......and less than 10 minutes later Ty was here and Bill missed it,  but so did the doctor!  LOL  he was a little smaller than my other boys....7 pounds 4 ounces,  but hey he was 3 weeks early!    After he was here we discovered the reason for the drop in the heart rate.  He had a big KNOT in his umbilical cord.  So much for the assurance in the Whats to Expect book about that never happening. 

Now 2 years later my baby is 2!    Here are a few pictures of him from the past 2 years.

He had a great birthday and loved all his presents!  He opened all of them with his teeth.....

It was a good day and he had lots of fun.  He blew out his candles this year all by himself and ate his cupcake.  Then in true Tyler fashion, he fell asleep in his high chair!