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February 13, 2010

Day 44 { mmm Pasta}

I was checking out one of my favorite photography sites today and came across a new recipe I thought I would check out.  Ree Drummond the Pioneer Women is my hero....the lady can COOK and takes amazing pictures!   I made her Shrimp Pasta in a foil package to night for dinner and OMG was it ever good!  You can find the recipe HERE

It was so good that even the boys liked it, Ty had 2 plates of it for supper.  I thought it was a great recipe since I had an excuse to go buy a bottle of wine!


The pasta is cooked in a package of tinfoil ( in case you couldn't tell from the title of the recipe)  and really smells good while its cooking.  


And out of the tinfoil and on my plate......YUMMY!   


Next up for tomorrow: Baked Fudge   I didn't have time tonight and am missing a ramekin, which I need to find.  So saving it for tomorrow...my Valentines diner all by myself :(