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February 10, 2010

Day 41 {White Balance}

Today I decided to try setting a custom white balance with my 18% gray card.  I bought the card at Christmas time and just hadn't tried to use it yet so I thought it was about time.  I set up my custom white balance and took 2 shots of the same thing.  One with my custom WB and with WB on auto.    All i can say is WOW!!!  What a difference it makes when shooting inside with no natural light!

Here is my picture of Hooch with it set on Auto

And here is the same settings of Hooch except I used my gray card to set the white balance.

I think I may be getting more use out of that gray card in the future :)  Dylan came home form school tonight kind of cranky then he was coughing.......I took his temp and sure enough he has a fever.  The poor little guy passed out on the couch at 5:30  I don't think he will be going to school tomorrow.  This is about 3 minutes before he fell asleep....I love his LONG eyelashes.  Wish mine were like that!