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February 07, 2010

Day 38 {Dress}

A friend of mine is getting married and recently found out she was pregnant.  The dress she purchased over a year ago no longer fits so I offered her mine.  It has been hanging in my closet through quite a few moves and almost 6 years now.  I was saving it in case I had a girl (that didn't happen).  I know if I had had a girl it probably wouldn't have been used as a wedding dress but would have made a great Halloween costume!  LOL

So I pulled it out to try it on for one last time before I parted with it, it actually fit still!  And without having to use the nice tummy tuck get up I had to wear the first time.  I was very impressed about that.   So while I am sad to see it go I know that it will get some use now and not just be hanging in my closet.

Bill and I on our Wedding day.  July 31, 2004

And me in the same dress...don't' mind the picture....Bill took it for me.


I think it looked better the first time...or maybe its just a bad picture!   And here it is all ready to be delivered...