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January 03, 2010

Day3 { oh the blood}

It was an interesting day here in the Frappier household.  I discovered the night before that Ty was finally starting to cut one of his eye teeth and it was very purple and swollen.  I didn't really think much of it until the next day when Xander came into the kitchen screaming that Ty was bleeding!  So I run into the living room to find Ty with red all over his hands and belly.  I had no idea what is was and thought for a minute maybe he got his hands on the boys red paint since he wasn't crying or looking like he was in pain.  Then I remembered the tooth.......sure enough it had broke through and the purple on his gum was gone and a little tooth had appeared.  That explained the blood with out any tears :)

A few hours later I was sitting here and Ty suddenly started screaming......he had been playing with the boys and tried to climb on a chair and fell.  This time there was more more blood but it was accompanied by tears this time.  The poor kid had bit his lip and tongue and was once again bleeding from his mouth.  Nothing too serious or deep but that was an awful amount of blood for one day from one poor little kids mouth!  Here he is that night no worse for wear just a few little tooth marks in his bottom lip.