Welcome to my crazy life. Once again I am attempting a 365 project, one picture every day for a year. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by :)

January 25, 2010

Day 25 {They HATE the camera!}

I have given up.  My boys hate when I point a camera at them.....well Ty is still too young to care he just looks at me and says cheese.  The other two?  NO WAY!  They make silly faces, put their hands in front of their face, turn around, leave the room, anything they can to stop me from getting a picture.  Unless of course they are doing something where they actually want a picture then its all smiles.  But normal everyday activity....forget it.  I had to pry Dylan's face away from the Nintendo DS and when I did this is what I got.

So be prepared for a lot of pictures of nothing for the next year....I have given up on my children.