Welcome to my crazy life. Once again I am attempting a 365 project, one picture every day for a year. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by :)

January 10, 2010

Day 10 {Black paper}

Today I decided to try out my black seamless paper that has been sitting in the box since Christmas.  I had not tried it yet since I got it in the 9 foot roll and its HUGE,  especially in my tiny little living room. So after moving around furniture and standing a love seat up on end I managed to set it up, although I was pressed up against the wall to take the pictures.

This was quite a challenge for me and I was having problems figuring out where to set the lights and how to get the black paper to look black ( which didn't happen and I ended up correcting in PS)  I was also once again over exposing everything and finally packed away my speedlight and cranked my ISO after a few adjustments I managed to get a few shots.  Not the greatest but I will keep practicing, though it may not be often with that paper since its so BIG!