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March 14, 2009


Sorry I have been a really bad blogger lately. Things have been crazy around here! Xander finally went back to school Friday for one day and now
he is off for March break, he is starting to feel better though. Just in time to pass it on to Bill and I. So we are both feeling pretty crappy right now and all three kids are feeling better. So needless to say I haven't really taken too many pictures this week.

Tyler is getting another tooth at long last , I didn't know it was coming in sinc
e I was looking on the top expecting his top teeth to come next and I saw a little spec on his bottom gum today. He will have three teeth on the bottom and none on top. I have never had a child with so few teeth at the age of one before! Xander is trying to be just like Ty though...he is about to lose his first tooth. I suspect it will be out sometime in the next week or so. He is constantly wiggling it!

My pictures for tonight I took about 20 minutes ago. Here is Ty figuring out what to do with all these musical instruments he has! I think they must taste good!