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April 06, 2011

Day 96 A bright sun shiny day

It was a cold but bright day out today....not sure where spring is yet but we are slowly starting to get some snow melting.

Yesterday was a blizzard out and 2 days before that the kids had their bikes out.

Now they are sitting in the snow.

The bunny decided to take advantage of the beating sun coming through the windows in the porch and had a nap on the chair soaking up the sun. 

It was a beautiful day :)  Now if it would just go above freezing out maybe it will start to feel a bit more like spring around here!


Tracy said...

Bbbrrr...sweet bunny!

Jennifer Thompson said...

Wow, you still have a lot of snow up there! Cute bunny.

Kristal said...

Yikes... that is a lot of snow! Love the bunny and the sunburst!

kt moxie said...

I just wanna snuggle that bunny! Adorable.

Jaime said...

The bunny looks very content! We had the same happen to us a yesterday. Just the day before it was sunny and beautiful....the next snowing. Crazy weather. :)

Kathy C. said...

That bunny looks so precious!!! sweet.
The sunflare...gorgeous!!!

Flower Photography said...

Great shots how cute is the bunny!! Looks so content and soft too.