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April 21, 2011

Day 111 Poor puppy

When I got my Boston terrier puppy last week I knew they were prone to having things go wrong with their eyes since they protrude so much.   I had heard stories about  bostons, pugs and other similar dogs having their eyes scratched etc.  I NEVER thought it would happen to me.  Then it did.

We are house sitting my in laws dog for the week while they are away and we brought Max over.  The pup and Max have seen each other before without incident.   This time there was an incident. 

Max ( the inlaws dog) and Hooch ( my boxer) started play fighting as soon as we brought Max in the house,  within 2 minutes Harley must have got in between them and he came out yipping with blood running out of his eye.  We think he must have got in between the big dogs and got a tooth or paw in the eye. 

After many phone calls we got a hold of our vet who happened to have his cell phone on him while he was out having a 'vets night out' with some colleagues.   We then got instructions to ice it ( not easy with a puppy) pour sugar on it ( it brings down swelling) and put antibiotic ointment in it ( we happened to have some from an incident with hubby's eye)and keep it from drying out since he can't shut it.

As I write this a few days later he is at the vet's right now.  Chances are he will have to have the eye removed since there is an obvious puncture in it.

After one week with a healthy puppy I will now have a one eyed pup.   Everything I have read says he will adapt and be fine with just one eye but it makes me sad it happened to him so early in his little life. 

He is still acting like the little goof ball he is, chewing everything, getting into mischief and peeing on my floor!  But my heart just breaks for the poor little guy.


Jennifer Thompson said...

Poor Poor Puppy!
I just want to cry looking at that.
I really hope he bounces back just fine!

Tracy said...

AWE! Poor guy!

Kathy C. said...

That makes me wanna cry...that must have (and still does I imagine) hurt so bad... poor baby. :(