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March 05, 2011

Day 64 Birthday boy

My baby turns 3 tomorrow.  Where on earth did those three years go?  I think he will always be my baby.....The other 2 are allowed to get big and every time they do something new I'm so happy because they are learning and getting bigger.   When Ty does that I get sad,  it means my baby is growing up.

We celebrated today since my husband will be at work all day tomorrow.  We started right after his nap, he awoke to balloons everywhere.  Then he puked all over my husband as he was playing with the balloons with him.  uh oh  

We were really hoping it was just a bit of over excitement from the balloons.  Then he didn't touch his dinner...   We decided to give him cake anyway since it was his birthday and what kind of mommy would I be if I didn't let him have his own birthday cake?  

BAD MOVE!  I was woke up at 1 am by him trying to crawl into my bed....covered in vomit.  YUCK!   Happy Birthday. 

Oh well he played, blew out his candles on the monkey cake I made him, opened presents and had a great birthday :)   Minus the whole puke problem. 


Jennifer said...

Great cake! What a cutie pie. Happy birthday Ty! I hope he is feeling better. :(

Carrie said...

Oh no. Poor babe :( Nobody wants to be sick on their birthday. I hope he feels better soon. Such a cute cake btw. Happy Birthday.

Jennifer Thompson said...

Aww, poor wee man! Hope he feels better soon. Happy Birthday Ty!
That cake looks adorable btw.

Kristal said...

Love the cake! So sorry he got sick!

Kathy C. said...

Awe...birthdays are so much fun, the expressions, the excitment. ADORABLE cake! lol

Tracy said...

Wow on the cake...ick on the puke.

Jaime said...

Those are all great! We had a b-day boy here too, but I wasn't as brave as you....I stayed on auto. :)