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January 28, 2011

Day 28 What to do with cut off Seamless Paper

Do you ever feel bad having to cut off a strip on a roll of seamless paper?

I hate to do it......the stuff is not cheap 
(at least for me since it costs too much to ship and I have to drive at least 4 hours to get a roll)

I had to part with a big piece after using it last week, it was getting dirty and had a tear.

I figured I would set it aside and find another use for it, especially since it was off my white roll.

Today I saw it sitting in the corner and thought hey Ty might like to use use that.  

So we made use of it......one life size Tyler drawing coming up!

The novelty wore off about 10 minutes in.....Does anybody out there have a almost 3 year old who will colour for more than 10 minutes?

Don't judge my art skills.....I am not the artsy type!

But it was fun while it lasted.


knit1kids4 said...

That first shot is so adorable!

Carrie said...

Love the first shot! My son is 19 months old and I'm wondering if he'll ever be interested in coloring for more than 2 minutes!

Jennifer said...

Ava did the same to the grey piece I ripped off of my new roll last week! She has a much better attention span. My boys are the same - they colour for three seconds and then they are gone. No attention span whatsoever!

Great shots! Looks like you had a great time.

deb duty said...

This is so fun! My boys are teens now, but they never did like to color much.

Tracy said...

Awe! Worth it.