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January 13, 2011

Day 13 Lucky Number 13 strikes the house!

Day 13.....didn't even realize it was the 13th day of my 365 project until I went to write this post.  Now it makes sense! 

My plan this morning when I woke was to spend the day doing what I wanted to do.  I had big plans to play with camera and try out some things I had been wanting to do, read my Nook since I was just getting into a good book. Drink lots of coffee and do as little housework as possible.   I would soon discover that wasn't happening.  I put off doing any photography for the morning since the light was no good.  I settled down at the computer to do a bit of editing and play with my Nook since it was the first time I had connected it to the computer.   That and a pot of coffee wasted away my morning.  I was happy :)

Then the afternoon struck......   I needed to clean up a little because even though my plan of doing nothing sounded good, three kids and a husband on nights all week leaves me little choice in the cleaning department.  So I set to work picking up toys and getting ready to vacuum the floor.  That is where it all went down hill.  I started vacuuming and ran over a screw. 

 So much for vacuuming.

After that I just gave up trying to relax for the day.  So I went to start cleaning up the kitchen from the night before and do the dishes.  I pulled open the dishwasher and found ALL my dishes were still grungy and had food stuck on them.  The dishwasher has been ran but it didn't clean anything.   I started to fill the kitchen sink realizing that I was going to have to re-wash everything and do all the pots and pans from dinner last night.  That's when I noticed the tap was turned on all the way to the hot side which would normally almost scald me and it was luke warm water.  Come to think of it my shower this morning wasn't very hot either.......

Thankfully Bill was getting up for work at this point and went to the furnace room to discover the hot water tank had been set to 'Vacation'.   I seem to remember pulling Ty out of there yesterday at some point.  Hmmm wonder who could have been playing with the knobs?

So all is right again, dishes will get done later when the water tank is filled.  I made dinner and now it's time for homework and bed.  

And all I wanted to all day?

 Maybe later?