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May 15, 2010

Day 135 Big Bellies Everywhere!

Today we dropped all the kids off at Nana's and went to Cochrane for the day.  Bill went to a friends house to help renovate a room and dropped me off at my friends funeral home to visit and help out.  I spent the morning playing in the flower beds and laying down mulch with Carrie.  Then it was off to Timmins to get insulation for the room.    When we got back a friend of Carries met up with us and she had kindly volunteered to help me out with my assignment this week for class.  We are working on portrait work for this week so I needed a few guinea pigs :)  Lucky for me both Brooke and Carrie are pregnant so I got to work with some big bellies! 


Brooke was a GREAT model!  After taking some of here I snapped a few of my beautiful friend Carrie all dirty and covered in mulch from the garden.  LOL

We then took a little trip over to Carries Parents house because I still needed a few more shots for class.  Her parents were wonderful and such fun to take pictures of!

How fun are they????  Father and daughter had to compare bellies.......LOL

I had a great day and got to take lots of fun pictures!