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April 08, 2010

Stella B Designs

No day number on this post.....just wanted to tell you all about my friend Brooke :)  She makes the cutest hats in the world!  IF I had a girl I swear she would be wearing them all the time.  Instead I make Ty wear the boy version all the time.....as well as mitts too. If you check out her blog you can see all the things she can do...this is one craft lady people.  She is also having a April giveaway that you can find more details about on her blog as well as her facebook page HERE     I have not yet taken pictures of Ty with his new hats on......he keeps leaving them in the van and Bill takes it to work so every time I go to take his picture the hat is gone :(  Will have to do that ASAP though.  So here is a picture of Ty in his old hat made by Stella B Designs.  And YES she does make photo props as well :)

Go check here out!   Brooke rocks...and I'm not just saying that cause I'm trying to win a free hat ;)

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Brooke said...

;o) Thanks, Drea! I think this earned you a thousand extra entries... LoL