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March 26, 2010

Day 85 {report card day}

Remember when you were a kid and your teacher handed you that brown envelope to bring home to your parents?  I HATED report card day.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my C-B average didn't exactly impress my parents.  My kids have not got to that point yet....I mean hating report card day that is.  They don't worry about grades at this point, although Xander's C from Art class last semester did go up to a B-. 

All they think is that there is a present in their back packs for me......Dylan actually thought it was one of his paintings that his teacher put in an envelope for me!   Both boys did great but the only problem with Xander getting a bit older is that he wanted to know what it said.   So being the good parent I am I went through it with him explaining that some of the marks were REALLY good and others he needed to work on a bit and read him the comments that his teacher put down.

I never really thought about the consequences of this until Dylan asked me to explain his as well ( only because I did it for Xander) So I sat down with Dylan and explained his report card and read him the comments explaining what his teacher was saying.   Little did I realize that Xander was listening to that conversation.  Usually I wouldn't think anything of this but I had just finished explaining to Xander he needed to work on his numbers a bit because he is having problems in that area.  Then he listened when I explained to Dylan that the teacher thought he was doing really well at counting and on both reports the teachers actually put down the number they are getting to.    Dylan is counting a lot higher than Xander and that started a bit of a tif between the 2 boys.  I simply explained to Xander that although Dylan's report card says he can count higher he is only counting those numbers not printing them unlike him,  that worked :)   Remind me in June NOT to read the report card to them???