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March 04, 2010

Day 63 {IT's HERE!}

"Is it here yet?"  That is all I have been hearing from Xander for almost 2 weeks now.  He has been patiently waiting for his new guitar book to come in the mail.  After searching online and the guitar store here in town I finally found him a book that would teach him how to play his guitar and learn to read music.  

Bill has been teaching him the odd chord here and there since Christmas but I really wanted him to learn how to read music as well.  I learned at his age and it is one of those things that he will take through life with him.  I may not know how to play a guitar ( thank goodness Bill does) but since I can read music I can teach him that.

The book is very easy to follow and came with 2 CD's that are enhanced so he can listen on the computer and slow it down and speed it up as he needs to. ( also comes with an easy tuner since Bill always 'misplaces' his)

The book arrived the other day and I sat down with Xander today and we started out with the first lesson.  In 20 minutes he could tell me what a bar measure, time signature, double bar line, and treble clef were.  He picked it up REALLY fast.   Then it was time to learn some chords.  He can play a G and a C.  he started out with three blind mice....which he decided to sing instead of count out but he kept mispronouncing it and was singing"three blind rice" LOL     A few more lessons and hopefully he will be playing something new!