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February 21, 2010

Day 52 {Shopping trip!}

Today we drove 3.5 hours just to go shopping.  Sometimes i wonder why I ever moved all the way up here when I have to drive that long just to get to a decent shopping mall.  We did have an excuse to go all that way...I was going to check out a new lens for my camera that a guy in Sturgeon Falls was selling.    I did buy it so I now own a decent zoom lens :)   I took a few test shots just to be sure it was what I wanted.  Here is a lovely shot I got from the parking lot of Tim Hortons.

And here is what Bill did while I went in to get a coffee......note he didn't even bother rolling down the window to try out the lens?  And of course he takes a picture of the only thing that catches his eye.


On a side note, I did get to go to a BIG bookstore while in Sudbury and picked up a copy of my favorite new bloggers cookbook!  You guessed it I got The Pioneer Women Cooks   by Ree Drummond

Oh the recipes in that book.....and pictures.....and stories!  I LOVE it!   My husband does spoil me :)