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January 18, 2010

Day 18 {what happened to the TV?}

So lately the television keeps getting a weird message on it. After playing with the remote I finally looked over at the satellite receiver and discovered Ty had puled open the little door and pulled out the smart card that makes it work. I had to search for almost  40 minutes trying to find the card to put back in it.  I finally found it buried in behind a shelf.  I guess Bill had taken the tape off I had on it for some reason and Ty discovered how to open it and pull it out.   So my solution to this was to stick another piece of tape on it.  Unfortunately I could not find Bill's electrical black tape ( blends in and he doesn't see it)  so I used my best friend....duct tape!  I do tend to use duct tape for a LOT of stuff.  I think I need to stop watching the red green show ;)    Well it did stop him for a little bit.......about a whole hour!  I think I need to come up with something else.  I found it in the bathroom later on.

Later on I caught him right in the act!  Only this time he had moved over a foot and was attempting to shove a dvd into the wii.    This is getting to be a big game for him, time to figure out somewhere else to put this stuff.  At the moment I have no CD rom drive on the computer because he shoved a disc in there and it is stuck shut. What else will this child break before I can get a bigger house with more room to put things up?